Sacred Heart Connections

with Narry Ngamying  

Come into the intimacy and healing powers of the Sacred Heart through Meditation  


In synch with nature.

Questions are asked and yet no answer is required. 


I don’t wish to be understood, I wish to be quiet. 

My main practice and Life Work is Love. I offer workshops that teach Meditation, a tool that has taught me about Love's complexity, simplicity and tender expression.

If you already know me, sitting is likely the first time our sacred hearts has connected, and was through The Restaurant. My career for over a decade was an entrepreneur in the food industry: this includes creating, cooking, managing, preparing, serving, and cleaning. Therefore my knowledge of food, herbs, spices, and the intimacy of eating and sharing food was my first "practice" in alignment with healing and serving in Love. 


Bachelor Degree, Majored in Marketing from Bangkok, Thailand, then trained and certified in Solution-Focused Therapy in Ontario, Canada. I am, now professionally and intuitively studied in the holistic world of body, mind and spirit, trained at Hridaya Yoga/Meditation Centre. Through self awareness meditation of the body coupling with proper breathings and understanding of how the energy centres work and keep them aligned. I offer a mean of exploring and expanding one's perception on reality through the transformation of one's Sacred Heart. 





Campbell House Hospice Georgian Triangle

8:45 am

Thonburi Thai Restaurant, Blue Mountains

10:30 am


Text message only 1-705-351-2669

for days and time for meditation information